At work…
Annelize is a strategist at heart with a passion for people. A student for life, she holds a Master of Commerce degree (Unisa) in Business management,
specialising in leadership and strategy. She also holds a B.Tech degree (Strategy and Information Management), National Diploma (General Management), a
certificate in Marketing and is a SAQA qualified Training facilitator and assessor.

Annelize has over 20 years of extensive business experience across industries and in different departments ranging from production, marketing and sales to
human resources. For the last 10 years she developed a niche understanding in tourism and wine through rigorous research and practical experience. She also lectures Economics of wine to international students for the Council of International Educational Exchange and is currently reading towards her PhD.

In practice: She’s worked with the full spectrum of levels in the wine industry, from floor management to Director levels. She also did some innovation work
internationally in the experience-economy field and contributed to the Vinpro Industry Strategy Toolkit. Annelize loves food, wine and all things positive – including the business around it… Annelize lives to ‘do’ and loves to ‘achieve’.

Everywhere else…
Annelize is a martial artist at heart. She has been training and competing in martial arts for 30 years and is a Karate world champion (Sweden, Germany) with a
4th Dan black belt in Kimura Shukokai International.

She still studies and practises her art every day and teaches children and adults in her community, as well as offers self-defence classes to women in a fight
against gender based violence. She lives with passion to inspire people to live healthier lives in order to Achieve all they can be.



James Stewart is an entrepreneurial creative with expertise that includes everything tech; from software design interface consulting and disruptive marketing
technology. If it’s new, cool, effective and has value – James is on it… His law degree, studio & record company ownership, engagement sales and many other
capabilities gives him the edge to craft and implement technology that adds a little bit extra to Achieve through Action…(Oh, and he is a rock star. Literally.
Emmy nominated, multi-SAMA award winning Rockstar…)