You are currently viewing Celebrating two years of digital strategy success with one of the world’s most admired wine brands – KWV.

Celebrating two years of digital strategy success with one of the world’s most admired wine brands – KWV.


Managing Director of Achieve Through Action Annelize Morkel

At Achieve through Action we place as much emphasis on our relationships and service as we do on staying on top of Research and Technology development.

We are extremely proud to celebrate two years of growth and innovation with KWV, the world’s most admired in wine brand.

“Having been part of the digital strategy planning and execution of the KWV Emporium’s digital development since 2019 has been one of the biggest highlights of my career”, says Achieve Managing Director Annelize Morkel. “I grew up with KWV – and it has always been a brand that evokes emotion, passion, quality and pride. Having been selected to drive their new digital direction in 2019 was as much a professional as a personal moment.”

Results, results results…

Achieve digital strategy is unequivocally results-driven. After a specific ‘needs audit, focus is applied to pairing the perfect strategic & digital solutions to identified challenges. This has included e-commerce, design, website development, integration, systems development, Club list-building & management, brand communication and analytics.

In KWV’s case we have been especially proud of the agility in keeping systems running optimally to deliver superior customer centricity – as would be expected from this World-Class Brand.

Early adopters..

True to their slogan as ‘Proud Pioneers’, KWV have been early adopters of groundbreaking communication and engagement tools and systems innovated by Achieve – for example, leveraging social media vanity metrics (likes and follows) and other traffic sources into genuinely engaged fans, club members and customers, at scale. The result has been to tell the KWV story in new and unique ways, while technically supporting a truly omni-channel experience. Thrilled fans & customers, optimisation and improved efficiencies all round makes us very happy.

Seamless aesthetics, functionality and experiences are one of our key expertise – which has led to significant results – and Achieve is a result driven company by definition.

Technology is developing faster than ever, and 2020 brought new market segments, customer habits and new opportunities. In this month where we are celebrating 362 Years of the South African Wine industry – we are proud to do it with KWV.

Certain principles will always be timeless, and at Achieve we strive to keep that part of our innovation strategy development. We are looking forward to continued growth in 2021!

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