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An Achieve Global collaboration

It is a great honour that our Creative Tech Lead, James Stewart (and we all know how incredibly talented he is! ) has just been selected for a cause that is dear to our values.

The well-known American Initiative “Revealing History: How we got here and Why it Matters”, around ethnic injustice is currently receiving phenomenal and well-deserved attention. James’s song “Prayer”, featuring Nobel Prize Winner, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, is a key feature of this initiative.

In the words of the Andy Gundell, President of One-Stop Music (and 13 time Emmy Award winner):

“The program will close with my song, “Prayer”–co-written with two of my favourite collaborators and good friends, James Stewart and Julie Gold. James, the lead vocalist, is a native of South Africa with #1 hit records there; Julie is a Grammy Award winner for her song, “From A Distance.”

Through James’ South African connection, we’re fortunate to hear the voice of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner, reciting some of the lyrics to our song.

Click the image to the right to hear “Prayer”