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Brand love in wine and tourism…

Engagement has been a buzzword for yearsu2026With no exception when it comes to wine brands and tourism brandsu2026Marketing teams (Traditional and digital) use the words engagement as if it is that magic tool that will unlock the hopes and dreams of your brandu2026And it could be. But as with all types of relationships you need a dose of reality with the romanticism to ensure a sustainable relationshipu2026

Capture the heart firstu2026

In order to engage with your customers you need to capture their heartsu2026Make them fall in love with your story, your promise and everything that makes you who you areu2026(If you donu2019t know who you are you might attract the wrong type! ud83dude0a) You can capture their hearts in many ways, – by making them feel special, letting them have fun and by many other ways that will remember much longer than any productu2026

Brand valueu2026

At some stage of any relationship there is an exchange of valueu2026Which could enhance engagement. Your brand must transfer value, (but also gain value) as no relationship can grow when itu2019s a one-sided affairu2026 Make sure your message carries the value that is aligned to your brand strategy. And differentiate between brand equity and brand value. Confusion is always a threat to a relationship. Use the brand value to create a stronger connection and strengthen value proposition.

Live happily ever afteru2026

Create a situation where the customer wants to continue the engagement and feels in control of the relationship (e.g set the table, light the candles and make it easy for them to open the bottle of wineu2026ud83dude0a). Passion is the highest form of emotional engagement. Create customer engagement that results in passionate customersu2026Make it hard for them to live without youu2026Love could just be the thing that your wine and tourism needs to live happily ever afteru2026